10 awesome crafts to try this month

animal keyrings craftI’m always on the look out for exciting craft and ideas. I can’t make them all so here’s a round-up of great makes I’ve spotted recently – have a go, and if you make them let me know how you get on.

1. Letter magazine rack

For all your old copies of Just Seventeen (not sure what made me think of that blast from the past?!). Simple and quick, and looks pretty cool. From Living Well Spending Less.

magazine rack

2. Canape knife

Wondering what to do with all those champagne corks you’ve emassed? Then wonder no more… From Yarni Gras.

wine cork craft

3. Duct tape planters

Get ready for spring. It’s not far away – honest. These would be great for growing herbs in on the windowsill. From The Dieter Family.

duct tape planters

4. Jar lights

Great for brightening up the winter months. From Jennifer’s Mentionables.

jar tea lights craft

5. Felt fortune cookies

Course you need to make these – they look amazing! From Marther Stewart

craft fortune cookies

6. Origami bookmark

So cute. Source.

origami bookmark

7. Donut garland

Nom nom nom. From The House That Lars Built.

donut garland

8. Whisk tealights

Ah! Adorable! Source.

whisk tealights

9. Animal keyrings

Fun with a sophisticated, colourful grown-up touch. From Ginger Snaps.

animal keyrings craft

10. Tassel necklace

You shall go to the ball! Easy stylish make from Oh the Lovely Things.

tassel necklace craft

Hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up of cracking crafts!

Kim Osborne Knockout



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