Tribal reduction linoprints magazine feature

Exciting post has landed on my doorstep – the June issue of Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms magazine. Flip to page 108 and what do I see? My three tribal-style reduction linoprints. Brilliant! I sent them to London off for their secret adventure back in March so it’s very exciting to finally see them in the magazine.

The prints are all limited edition reduction linocuts. This means each layer is printed with the same piece of lino; the lino is cut and the first colour printed, then some more of the lino is cut away before the second colour is printed, and so on until the complete image is finished. The three prints that are featured in this photoshoot were all based around simple patterns and influenced by tribal and primitive art forms.

primitive linoprint

tribal aztec linoprint

I’m really proud of these prints so I hope you like them! They are available to by on Not on the High Street: Blue Primitive Print, Red Aztec Print, and Green Tribal Print. Or via Etsy.

Kim Osborne Knockout




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