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bill poster museum of london

Type through time at The Museum of London

I’ve been meaning to go to The Museum of London for ages and I recently got round to going. Half way round I started notice lots of interesting type (not surprising that this was in the gallery called ‘Modern London 1670s-1850s: Expanding City’, with walls of bill posters, packaging and newspapers). Anyway I started snapping all these interesting letter forms as best I could with my camera phone in the museum light, and thought they would make a good blog post, I hope you enjoy them.

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Alphabet animal - dog

Alphabet animals

A little while ago I started making some simple images of animals out of letters. Using a range of different typefaces I constructed some basic animals forms. I found them the other day and thought I would share them here. I’d think I’ll make a few more, if you fancy having a go I’d love to see what you create, I’ve used Adobe Illustrator here but you can use a different programme or, better still, cut large letters out of newspapers and magazines and see what happens…

Alphabet animal - dog

Alphabet animal - cat

Alphabet animal - snake

Alphabet animal - bee

Alphabet animals - spider