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Print 52, week 40 – phew!

So I’ve made it to 40 prints! This week I made the basic error of type – again. You’d have thought I would have got this by now, especially as so many of my prints have type in them. For some reason when I sit down on a Monday to create my Print 52 lino cut, this information falls right out of my head. Odd.

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Happy new year!

It’s this time of the month when I do a round up of what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks. This week it’s hard to look back without going all a bit Christmassy on you, which I’m sure we are all over by now! So here’s a little round up (and I’m still in a holiday-induced daze so all I can think about is eating chocolate and watching films in my pajamas-sorry).

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Print 52, week 23. Stack of books linoprint

This week’s linoprint in my Print 52 series represents my return to studying (ohh scary/exciting). I’ve signed up for an online diploma in digital marketing. I’m just getting started so buying books, making notes and, most importantly, signing up for my NUS card! I’ve now got lots to pack in each week but very committed to still producing my weekly linoprints and blog posts – huge sign of relief from all of you I’m sure!

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Print 52, week 20, abstract triangle linoprint

Week 20, abstract triangle linoprint.

Week 20 already – phew. It’s really flown by. Now we’re at the end of the summer and today I woke up to grey sky and rain. It really feels autumn-like so I donned my big, thick Aztec cardie and grabbed a cup of tea. I suppose the Aztec patterns must have inspired this abstract triangle print as I found myself doodling some strong lines and shapes over the lino this morning.

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Print 52 week 19, birthday linoprint

There always seem to be lots of birthdays over the summer; friends, family and mine! This weekend the run of birthdays ended with my great aunt’s 100th birthday so I went to my second 100th birthday party in as many years (my nanna, my great aunt’s sister was 100 last year). So I’ve consumed lots of cake, food, wine and tea. My Aunty Dot doesn’t look or act anywhere near 100 so she was the life and soul, and has been celebrating her birthday for almost a week now. Good on her!

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