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hover fly in spring retro

Spring has sprung

This weekend was actually sunny; I went out without a coat and sat and had a pint in a pub garden – bliss! As it was so nice I thought I’d take some springtime photos using a new app I’ve downloaded called Aviary, which I actually love! Anyway, I hope you can feel the warmth radiating through the screen.

springtime flowers avairy app  photos bright flowers photo spring flowers blossom retro photo bamboo grass shooting hazy sun in spring springtime sun bamboo stems IMG_20130421_121605



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Mother’s Day bouquet

I got a bit carried away taking arty photos of a little bouquet of flowers I put together for Mother’s Day on Sunday. I got up far too early for a Sunday with the bright idea of making a little arrangement for mum with the flowers and foliage from the garden. Brilliant idea!

It was cold and a bit damp whilst I stood in the garden slowly realising that there was not much alive. I didn’t really want to cut the only flower in bloom, or go back inside with a handful of dead twigs, so I had to search pretty hard. I found some feathery heads on the grasses and a few interesting leaves off of various shrubs. After ransacking the bamboo and ivy, and politely nicking a bit of the blossom from next door’s tree, I think I pulled it off (the blossom managed to give it a bit of a spring-time look!). I put the greenery in a little Kilner-style jar with a flippy lid, and wrapped some ribbon around the base.

This makes a great little project. There is probably variety more in your garden than you think. If you don’t have a garden use a selection of herbs or indoor plants instead – just enough to fill a jam jar with.