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Photos from a walk in the country

It’s nice to get out in the fresh air, when the sun is (kind of) out and it’s not freezing and wet. Last weekend we took a circular walk near the village of Cuddington in Buckinghamshire. The fields were full of bright yellow rape and everything was green and lush, which resulted in some great photos.

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venice art

Venice: colour and texture

I’ve recently returned from a few days in Venice. I’d never been before but was struck my the texture and colour of the city, especially when we were lucky enough to have a day of beautiful weather without a cloud in the sky. The bright blue really set off the whites, yellows and reds of the buildings, so much so I felt the need to try and re-photograph everything I had taken pictures of the day before as it looked so much better.

You can see a million photos on the internet of the iconic buildings, canals and gondolas, so in this post I’ve rounded up some of the images that most show off the rich colour, weathered textures and beautiful stone in the city. I hope you enjoy them.

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Autumn colour palettes

I’ve put together some autumn colour palettes to feast your eyes on. There’s so much great colour at this time of year, and I feel I need to keep taking pictures of it before it all disappears.  Little colour palettes seem the obvious choice to record the variety and vibrancy of the red, yellows, green and browns at the time of year. What I love about making these colour palettes is the unexpected colours you can find, some that seem totally out of context. I could spend hours finding the exact colour combinations.

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Heat wave – hot summer photos

It’s been sooooo hot this week. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but it’s meant I’ve done far less than I hoped I would. Never mind! It also means I’ve had Billy Idol’s ‘Hot in the City’ going round in my head for days, which is no bad thing.

This blog is just a quick round up of some super hot summer photos from the week. It was much more fun and relaxed to take these than to spend hours printing or cooped up inside. I hope you have great weather where you are, and if not, I hope these photos warm your cockles somewhat!

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90s LP singles

Retro music / retro photos

As a self confessed audiophile, my boyfriend coming home from our local Oxfam Books and Music with handfuls of 90s singles was almost too exciting. Limited edition coloured vinyl from Supergrass and Sleeper, as well as gold glittery vinyl by Ash was simply too fun to ignore, so out came my camera for some snaps to share with you. Me and my boyfriend love our vinyl, so much so he volunteers for a few days a week to help Oxfam sort theirs, I can safely say that it might be the most costly voluntary post, considering how much music he comes home with!

Anyway, to add to the retro theme I followed this great Photoshop tutorial by Spoon Graphics to add an old school analog effect.

90s LP singles 90s LP singles 90s LP singles 90s LP singles 90s LP singles