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So I haven’t written a blog post in a while. In fact I’m completely guilty of abandoning it for a few years! What happened? Well, I suppose life got in the way. Working full time, running a business in my spare time and day to day ups and downs means writing a blog post comes fairly low on the list.

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Workspace invaders – taking a peek at my workroom

I posted this picture on my old blog, so apologies if you have seen it before, but I thought I would share the ‘panorama’ of my workspace again, this time with a little added info.

So this is where I work. You will notice there is no computer so all my online and design type things are done downstairs, but this is where all the hands-on things happen. I cut my lino here, print things, wrap up orders, draw, trim, and occasionally contemplate! So to give you an idea of what’s what:

One: My map of the world, quite a nice inspiring thing to look at, remembering where I have been and where I want to go.

Two: Table. The white table is for taking photos of things as it gets all the light from the window. Also useful for laying out prints to dry.

Three: My humble home-made printing press. In the middle is a scissor jack which is wound up and down to press the paper and lino together.

Four: The 1950s telephone. My direct line to Elvis. No, only kidding, it’s not plugged in but looks amazing. One day it will work, if only I had a phone socket anywhere near me. And then I could ring Elvis…

Five: Framed prints. Some of my linoprints adorning the walls.

Six: My main workspace. Where I cut my lino, ink up, draw, and put stuff when I can’t find a home for it!

Seven: My ink plates. They started life as some glass place mats I had at uni, now put to much better use. I also keep my rollers out ready to, quite literally, roll.

Eight: ‘Si Vive Solo Due Volte’ poster. Everyone needs James Bond hanging on their wall, right? I bought this poster from the National Media Museum in Bradford.

Nine: Storage. In the picture you can just see a few framed prints leaning up against something, and number nine represents what they are leaning against – one massive wardrobe. Filled with paper, card, prints, string, tools, ink – you name it, it’s in there!

Ten: My music. One ancient iPod plugged into some speakers keeps me going!