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11 things I’ve learnt from 4 years of printmaking

I’m a self-taught printmaker really. I had a go at linoprinting and screenprinting briefly at school and university, but just as a box ticking exercise really to pass particular modules. At school I really loved painting, and at uni I much preferred working on screen. So when I decided to explore printmaking properly, about four years after graduating, I had some idea of what was involved, but now had none of the facilities and tuition that I would have had years earlier. I’ve gradually bought bits, experimented, and tried to crave out a little bit of professional printmaking from a spare room. Here’s some of the lessons I’ve learnt over the years.

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linoprint project

Print 52, week 20, abstract triangle linoprint

Week 20, abstract triangle linoprint.

Week 20 already – phew. It’s really flown by. Now we’re at the end of the summer and today I woke up to grey sky and rain. It really feels autumn-like so I donned my big, thick Aztec cardie and grabbed a cup of tea. I suppose the Aztec patterns must have inspired this abstract triangle print as I found myself doodling some strong lines and shapes over the lino this morning.

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Get busy printing…

So my idea to extend my range of hand printed greetings cards is actually happening! Slowly but surely; it takes a lot of time to plan, cut, hand print, photograph and then list each run of cards but it’s paying off and I love how they all look up on my site. Anyway here’s a quick peek at my two new additions, before an afternoon of cutting lino awaits. If you have any requests (what people  do you find hard to buy for?) I love to hear!

DSCN3214 DSCN3340

You can now buy these cards online



knockout by kim osborne

Buy Knockout linoprints, illustrations and greetings cards online

free gift february

Free gift February

It’s February already – where did January go? I feel like I’ve got lots done in the last month – that’s a relief – new prints, new cards (you can check some of these out online already), new ideas, and new plans. Plus I’ve started jogging and not given up yet, been out in wind, rain and snow!

To celebrate the fact that it’s already February and that spring is not far away I’ve giving away a little free gift with every order placed online in February. This can be from any one of my online stores: Etsy, Not on the High Street or my Knockout store. Go have a browse!

The gifts range from hand printed greetings cards and gift tags, notebooks and bookmarks and most of them are unique one-off creations I’ve produced over the years.

free gift february


printing, planning, creating, drawing

Planning, printing, drawing, creating

I’ve been busy over the past few weeks – honest. As the title of this blog post suggests it’s involved a lot of planning, printing, drawing and creating. Many of the projects I’ve been working on are not quite ready to talk about or show you in full so I thought I would collate a few of the photos I’ve been taking as I go and put them together to make a little visual teaser! I hope you enjoy!

printing, planning, creating, drawing

linoprint experimental

Make: fun experimental linoprint

I can’t stop making little experimental linoprints at the moment, I’m really enjoying trying new things and going a bit crazy, so I thought I’d share each one I create with you and show you how I do it.

This one is based on trying various types of cutting action, playing with the various nibs for the cutting tool and having fun with it; hatching, stabbing, scratching, making lots of different shapes (obviously minding fingers throughout!). To make this a bit more structured the lino is marked with a grid before hand, I chose 4cm x 4cm squares. The idea is do do something different in each square:

drawing on lino for print

cutting lino grid

finished cut lino for printing

This is my finished lino, as you can see I used a variety of shapes, lines, and line thicknesses, plus I incorporated some overlapping shapes for interest (look for the circle).

inking up a linocut

Next up ink your lino with your chosen colour and get printing. For tips on how to register and print your lino see one of my earlier tutorials; ‘Making a linoprint from your sketch’

Printed edition of linoprints

And there you have it, a very cool experimental linoprint – see what you can create!

linoprint experimental linoprint experimental Grid pattern linoprint