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venice art print

Print 52: Venice canal and gondola linoprint

As you will know if you saw my last post of pretty pictures, I spent a few days in Venice last week. Still day dreaming about bridges and canals, it made lots of sense for this week’s linoprint to be a view of Venice. In contrast to my previous post of textures and colours, I chose a very typical scene of gondolas with domes and spires in the background. What I’d give be sat in a square with a plate of seafood and a glass of white wine right now…

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linoprint - UK storm

Print 52, week 27 – there’s a storm brewing!

So I couldn’t really do anything other than the ‘UK Super Storm 2013’ for today’s linoprint. So much anticipation building over the weekend, I was expecting the apocalypse overnight, but I just heard 20 minutes of a bit of wind and rain at 6am. Our area wasn’t really effected as much as they reported (a good thing obviously, but I was getting a little bit excited about a bit of interesting weather), a few trees down and a bin on it’s side. The Brits love to talk about the weather, I even noticed someone on Twitter adopt #ThameStorm this morning, so a linoprint about some blustery trees and driving rain seems very apt. It’s all I’ve been talking about all morning.

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Print 52, week 23. Stack of books linoprint

This week’s linoprint in my Print 52 series represents my return to studying (ohh scary/exciting). I’ve signed up for an online diploma in digital marketing. I’m just getting started so buying books, making notes and, most importantly, signing up for my NUS card! I’ve now got lots to pack in each week but very committed to still producing my weekly linoprints and blog posts – huge sign of relief from all of you I’m sure!

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Print 52 week 19, birthday linoprint

There always seem to be lots of birthdays over the summer; friends, family and mine! This weekend the run of birthdays ended with my great aunt’s 100th birthday so I went to my second 100th birthday party in as many years (my nanna, my great aunt’s sister was 100 last year). So I’ve consumed lots of cake, food, wine and tea. My Aunty Dot doesn’t look or act anywhere near 100 so she was the life and soul, and has been celebrating her birthday for almost a week now. Good on her!

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Making a linoprint bitmap typeface

Recently I’ve started to create some basic linoprint bitmap typefaces. As you may know I print a lot of my greetings cards by hand and they are, almost exclusively these days, made up of type. When I started putting my Christmas Cards together this year I thought I’d look at digitalising my linoprint alphabet so that I could do more with my designs, and create them much more efficiently. I didn’t want to use any old typeface, or loose the handprinted look, so thought I’d have a bit of a play and make one of my own.

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Print 52 week 16, London Underground print

Lately I seem like I’ve spent quite a lot of time on the London Underground. Not commuter amounts of time, but much more than I usually would; heading into the city for days out, birthdays, dinner, theatre trips, and dropping stock off at the We Make London shop in Camden. And now I have no plans to go back in the immediate future, I thought a little print to celebrate my brief time on the ever fascinating, exciting and frustrating London Underground would be apt!

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