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Print 52, week 40 – phew!

So I’ve made it to 40 prints! This week I made the basic error of type – again. You’d have thought I would have got this by now, especially as so many of my prints have type in them. For some reason when I sit down on a Monday to create my Print 52 lino cut, this information falls right out of my head. Odd.

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Print 52, week 20, abstract triangle linoprint

Week 20, abstract triangle linoprint.

Week 20 already – phew. It’s really flown by. Now we’re at the end of the summer and today I woke up to grey sky and rain. It really feels autumn-like so I donned my big, thick Aztec cardie and grabbed a cup of tea. I suppose the Aztec patterns must have inspired this abstract triangle print as I found myself doodling some strong lines and shapes over the lino this morning.

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Making a linoprint bitmap typeface

Recently I’ve started to create some basic linoprint bitmap typefaces. As you may know I print a lot of my greetings cards by hand and they are, almost exclusively these days, made up of type. When I started putting my Christmas Cards together this year I thought I’d look at digitalising my linoprint alphabet so that I could do more with my designs, and create them much more efficiently. I didn’t want to use any old typeface, or loose the handprinted look, so thought I’d have a bit of a play and make one of my own.

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