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tribal aztec linoprint

Tribal reduction linoprints magazine feature

Exciting post has landed on my doorstep – the June issue of Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms magazine. Flip to page 108 and what do I see? My three tribal-style reduction linoprints. Brilliant! I sent them to London off for their secret adventure back in March so it’s very exciting to finally see them in the magazine.

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sale linoprint

Print 52, weeks 35 and 36

Firstly I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to seeing the new year in. Last Monday I was so busy gorging on food and drink and running around doing last minute jobs that I completely forgot my to do my weekly linoprint (shock, horror!). So in celebration of overindulgence the first print I’m showing you today is all about topping up the wine glass. Yum.

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venice art print

Print 52: Venice canal and gondola linoprint

As you will know if you saw my last post of pretty pictures, I spent a few days in Venice last week. Still day dreaming about bridges and canals, it made lots of sense for this week’s linoprint to be a view of Venice. In contrast to my previous post of textures and colours, I chose a very typical scene of gondolas with domes and spires in the background. What I’d give be sat in a square with a plate of seafood and a glass of white wine right now…

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Print 52 – week 29. Cups of tea linoprint

So I’ve cheated a bit here – sorry, I created this print early. When this post is made live I’ll be on holiday! Hoorah! But don’t fear, it is based on drinking lots of tea to help with the mad rush that comes with getting ready for a holiday and getting all your work done before you leave.

My shops are still open. My wonderful sister, Sam, has kindly agreed to keep an eye on them. If you order anything while I’m away, I’ll post it out to you on Friday 15 November. And I’ll fill you in on my travels when I return.

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wellies lino print

Print 52, week 26 – new wellies

I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about new wellies before (maybe no one has?!), so much so I created this week’s Print 52 as an homage to my new purchase. Those of you who know me may understand. Ive spend the last 5 winters wearing canvas shoes, or wearing wellies with holes in. Each year I say “this year I’ll have proper shoes for winter” and it never happens. Last year I tried really hard and bought these super expensive Timberland boots. I was under pressure in the shop; I was there with a boy and needed some decent boots to go and see fireworks that evening, so bought boots that were too small. Clever huh? Ah the pressure. I can wear them if I put a whole pack of blister plasters on each foot, and grin and bear it.

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linoprint - UK storm

Print 52, week 27 – there’s a storm brewing!

So I couldn’t really do anything other than the ‘UK Super Storm 2013’ for today’s linoprint. So much anticipation building over the weekend, I was expecting the apocalypse overnight, but I just heard 20 minutes of a bit of wind and rain at 6am. Our area wasn’t really effected as much as they reported (a good thing obviously, but I was getting a little bit excited about a bit of interesting weather), a few trees down and a bin on it’s side. The Brits love to talk about the weather, I even noticed someone on Twitter adopt #ThameStorm this morning, so a linoprint about some blustery trees and driving rain seems very apt. It’s all I’ve been talking about all morning.

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Print 52, week 25. Autumn leaves linoprint

I couldn’t think of anything more autumny than leaves, and as it’s been pretty chilly and drizzly here it’s felt like were really into autumn now. I think the changing leaves look beautiful at this time of the year. I decided I’d also print this design on a card for my nan, she’s struggles with her sight so the strong contrast and simple shapes mean she will hopefully be able to make out the leaf pattern.

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