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2014 interior trends that won’t break the bank

Trend alert! It’s the beginning of a new season so it must mean there are lots of predictions for what’s what is going to be ‘hot’ this year. Now, I’m not the most trendy of people, but I do like to keep a look out for new ideas and styles that I can adapt to use in my home, or in my work. So here’s a little round-up, just for fun.

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raw material interiors

Trend – raw materials

I’m a complete sucker for an exposed brick wall or a table made out of railway sleepers, or whatever very clever people make tables out of! So here I’ve compiled some inspiration and links to help you fall in love with raw materials. Enjoy, but don’t start mixing your concrete until you’ve seen everything…

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How’s it hanging? Some fabulous framing links

For a while now I’ve been collating some great framing ideas over on my Pinterest boards. They all look pretty yummy, and are really good for providing some inspiration for how to frame and hang your photos and prints. These are some of my favourites:


Quick tip: Four fun, funky frame ideas


Source: Isabel Pires De Lima


Source: The Full Moxie


Source: Vtwonen


Source: The Life Styled


Source: Primative Decor


Source: Urban Comfort


Source: Shelterness

Hanging frames above a bed

Home gallery: hanging frames

This is part one of a new mini-series focusing on displaying art, photos and keepsakes in your home. In this series I will be using examples from my home to inspire you.

This week I’m looking at hanging frames in interesting ways

Hanging frames above a bed

Frames don’t always need to line up at the top or bottom. Here I have aligned them centrally, and stuck to a strong colour scheme. The Eiffel Tower screen print is one of mine, and the can-can picture is the front cover of a songbook picked up at a local Oxfam bookshop.

Leaning frame

Frames don’t always need to be hung on the wall.I have had this poster kicking around for ages, it was free with a newspaper years ago and I have only just got round to framing it. It’s A1 in size and the frame is fairy substantial so I have just lent it against the wall – and it looks pretty cool.

Frames under a window

Frames don’t always need to be at eye-level. I got my three guitar screenprints framed and was stuck for somewhere to hang them, but decided that hanging them as a series under the window on the stairs worked well – they make an impact upstairs as well as down.

Pictures on a shelf

Frames can be part of the furniture. I often put frames and pictures on shelves with other bits and pieces. This makes it easy to re-arrange them or swap them around when you fancy a change.

Frames on a wall

Frames don’t need to be spaced out. Bunch them together to make an impact. Put them over a shelf or fireplace to make a feature.

Frames around a CD rack

Frames don’t need a clear bit of wall. Use other things you have (in this case a CD rack) to support your frames or give them something to compliment

I hope this has inspired you. Remember – have fun with your frames!

Using ribbon to hang frames

Make a feature wall of your framed prints

A simple idea for displaying your framed prints or pictures, really easy to do and quick and hassle-free to update or change.

I have a room in my house with a few coat hooks running along the top of the wall so I decided to utelise them and make a feature of some of my prints. Attaching ribbon to the frames – either by tying to the hanging hooks or stapling to the frame itself – allows you to hang the prints from the hook. Add different lengths to hang at different heights.

I used lots of different colours to go with the bright prints and frames and used some ric rak too for added interest, but for a more subtle look stick to the same colour frames and ribbon. You could also use thick string or garden twine.

Making a picture wall of framed prints

Using ric rak to hang frames

Using ribbon to hang frames

Hanging frames from coat hooks

Hanging frames from coat hooks