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Print 52, weeks 35 and 36

Firstly I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to seeing the new year in. Last Monday I was so busy gorging on food and drink and running around doing last minute jobs that I completely forgot my to do my weekly linoprint (shock, horror!). So in celebration of overindulgence the first print I’m showing you today is all about topping up the wine glass. Yum.

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Print 52 – week 29. Cups of tea linoprint

So I’ve cheated a bit here – sorry, I created this print early. When this post is made live I’ll be on holiday! Hoorah! But don’t fear, it is based on drinking lots of tea to help with the mad rush that comes with getting ready for a holiday and getting all your work done before you leave.

My shops are still open. My wonderful sister, Sam, has kindly agreed to keep an eye on them. If you order anything while I’m away, I’ll post it out to you on Friday 15 November. And I’ll fill you in on my travels when I return.

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Print 52, week 25. Autumn leaves linoprint

I couldn’t think of anything more autumny than leaves, and as it’s been pretty chilly and drizzly here it’s felt like were really into autumn now. I think the changing leaves look beautiful at this time of the year. I decided I’d also print this design on a card for my nan, she’s struggles with her sight so the strong contrast and simple shapes mean she will hopefully be able to make out the leaf pattern.

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Print 52 week #3

A new week, a new Print52 lino print. I created this print during the weekend’s Artists and Makers Fair at Waddesdon Plant Centre. As I mentioned in my blog post about the event on Friday, these occasions usually lead to huge consumption of tea (ok, and cake) which can lead to going slightly bonkers from too much caffeine and sugar. This is what happened.

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mark making and pattern

Pattern and mark-making morning

There’s nothing like sitting down on a Friday morning and messing – sorry experimenting – with pattern, colour and mark making. It’s a good way to get the creative juices flowing before I set-off to create news prints and designs. Today I worked mainly with felt pens and markers but also used a variety of pencils. I made some that were loose and messy, but lately I always seem to come back to zig-zags, grids and lines, which I don’t mind ‘cos I love ’em! I added some colour and in the process managed to make a pattern that looked a bit like the jazzy 80’s leggings I used to wear when I was a kid (now back in fashion I believe?!), but kept most black and white with the vision of scanning, manipulating and colouring on-screen later.

mark making and pattern

bright pattern experiment mark making drawing pencil mark making geometric pattern experiment simple pattern

I’ve already started having a play with these designs, overlaying chevron blocks of colour in Illustrator, I’ll show you the finished designs when they’re done!

pattern and mark makingpattern experiments



knockout by kim osborne

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Alphabet animal - dog

Alphabet animals

A little while ago I started making some simple images of animals out of letters. Using a range of different typefaces I constructed some basic animals forms. I found them the other day and thought I would share them here. I’d think I’ll make a few more, if you fancy having a go I’d love to see what you create, I’ve used Adobe Illustrator here but you can use a different programme or, better still, cut large letters out of newspapers and magazines and see what happens…

Alphabet animal - dog

Alphabet animal - cat

Alphabet animal - snake

Alphabet animal - bee

Alphabet animals - spider

Making a woodcut

New project; making a woodcut

Earlier this year I bought some Japanese plywood and some new cutting tools to experiment with. I usually use a soft-cut lino for printing and have been waiting for a project to try out the wood block with. Today I decided to put it off no longer and began carving one of my life drawing sketches into it. Once I had got my head around the fact that I had to go with the grain I began to get the hang of it. It’s a little bit rough around the edges so may need a bit of a smooth down before I print anything from it. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Making a woodcutMaking a woodcut

Making a woodcut




Cadillac illustration

Archive: Car Illustrations

I went through a big phase of drawing classic cars a while back. I’d look through Classic Car magazine and just make a quick freehand sketch of the cars I fancied, mostly old Citroens and anything a bit quirky. Looking through my files the other day I stumbled upon them and thought I would share them here. To finish each one I would scan in the sketch and tidy them up before colouring them. Enjoy!

Citroen 2CV illustrationCadillac illustrationFerrari 250 illustrationCitroen DS illustrationLe Mans illustrationMercedes Gullwing illustrationBMW Isetta illustrationVW Golf illustrationPeugeot 106

Using ribbon to hang frames

Make a feature wall of your framed prints

A simple idea for displaying your framed prints or pictures, really easy to do and quick and hassle-free to update or change.

I have a room in my house with a few coat hooks running along the top of the wall so I decided to utelise them and make a feature of some of my prints. Attaching ribbon to the frames – either by tying to the hanging hooks or stapling to the frame itself – allows you to hang the prints from the hook. Add different lengths to hang at different heights.

I used lots of different colours to go with the bright prints and frames and used some ric rak too for added interest, but for a more subtle look stick to the same colour frames and ribbon. You could also use thick string or garden twine.

Making a picture wall of framed prints

Using ric rak to hang frames

Using ribbon to hang frames

Hanging frames from coat hooks

Hanging frames from coat hooks