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make a paper flower out of old receipts

Make a paper flower from old receipts

Make a paper flower from old receipts

I end up with lots of useless receipts, for things like some shower gel I bought in 2002, or a proof of postage for a card I sent 5 years ago. Most of the time these end up shredded in the bin, or recycling, but this week after finding more of the things I thought I’d create something with them. I came up with the idea of a paper flower, having seen lots of tutorials for allsorts of papery flowery delights on Pinterest lately.

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Test print wrapping paper

Creative gift wrap in a hurry

I never have any gift wrap to hand when I need it, so some last minute present wrapping this week was proving tricky with nothing to wrap it in. But – a hah – I found a quick and effective solution, some test prints. These are just prints on A4 copier paper that I keep for scrap, some of them are little experiments that I keep, or prints that have gone wrong. I think they did a pretty good job! You could do the same with any kind of decorated paper or print-out.

Test print wrapping paper

Test print wrapping paper Test print wrapping paper Test print wrapping paper

You can also take a look at my Wrapping Pinterest board for more brilliant gift wrap inspiration:




knockout by kim osborne

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Using ribbon to hang frames

Make a feature wall of your framed prints

A simple idea for displaying your framed prints or pictures, really easy to do and quick and hassle-free to update or change.

I have a room in my house with a few coat hooks running along the top of the wall so I decided to utelise them and make a feature of some of my prints. Attaching ribbon to the frames – either by tying to the hanging hooks or stapling to the frame itself – allows you to hang the prints from the hook. Add different lengths to hang at different heights.

I used lots of different colours to go with the bright prints and frames and used some ric rak too for added interest, but for a more subtle look stick to the same colour frames and ribbon. You could also use thick string or garden twine.

Making a picture wall of framed prints

Using ric rak to hang frames

Using ribbon to hang frames

Hanging frames from coat hooks

Hanging frames from coat hooks