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Creative Easter Ideas

It’s not long until Easter, so if you’re itching to use it as an excuse to get creative, here are some of my favourite ideas from the web:

Black and white eggs


Stylish looking eggs from Obviously Sweet blog.

Cheesecake filled chocolate eggs


YUM! see the Rasberri Cupcake blog for more.

Eggshell flower arrangement


Great way to decorate the table this Easter –  from Martha Stewart

Photo decorated eggs


Love these eggs with faces! By A Subtle Revelry

Painted eggs


One of my own makes from last year – check it out here.

Easter bunny cake topper


So cute! Visit the Cake Journal to make your own.



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Decorated eggs

Make pretty decorated eggs for Easter

I had great fun decorating these little eggs, and it was quick and easy too!

Pretty decorated Easter eggs

I chose to hard-boil the eggs, you can blow them but it’s a little bit more complicated and time consuming. These eggs are purely for decoration and should not be gobbled!

Melted crayon egg

Melted crayon egg

Melted crayon egg

Once boiled, work quickly on the egg with wax crayons whilst it’s still hot. The crayons will melt and the more layers you build up the more runny and mixed up it becomes.

Dyed egg

Dyed egg

Put the little fella into a cup of water with some blue food dye added. Leave it for about 15 minutes and it should take up some of the colour. Leave for longer for a more intense effect. My egg created it’s very own speckled gradient (clever old egg). I then printed some spots in blue and yellow using some acrylic paint and bubble wrap.

Collage egg

Eggs decorated with paper

Use some torn up dyed kitchen roll to cover the egg. Simply glue (PVA) the paper down all over the egg. The paper I used also had some metallic bronze paint splattered over it. I also made a version using red dyed kitchen roll, and one using purple tissue paper with a yellow butterfly decoration glued on the front. You could also cut images out of newspaper or magazines.

Painted egg

Painted egg

Simply paint the egg with acrylic paint. Here I chose to paint the egg blue, then dry brush yellow paint over the top. You could also cover the egg in PVA glue to give it a shiny finish as I have done here.

So there are lots of things you can do with an egg for Easter – have an experiment and see what you come up with. Happy Easter!

Decorated eggs

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