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Happy new year!

It’s this time of the month when I do a round up of what I’ve been up to over the last few weeks. This week it’s hard to look back without going all a bit Christmassy on you, which I’m sure we are all over by now! So here’s a little round up (and I’m still in a holiday-induced daze so all I can think about is eating chocolate and watching films in my pajamas-sorry).

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sale linoprint

Print 52, weeks 35 and 36

Firstly I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and are looking forward to seeing the new year in. Last Monday I was so busy gorging on food and drink and running around doing last minute jobs that I completely forgot my to do my weekly linoprint (shock, horror!). So in celebration of overindulgence the first print I’m showing you today is all about topping up the wine glass. Yum.

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Pens Unique pen

What did you get for Christmas? Here are my faves

So Christmas is over and we can now all look forward to 2013! As it’s New Years Eve i’ll wish you a very happy New Year.

I spent most of Christmas eating, drinking and vegging out. I didn’t do any of the work I had planned to do, and last Friday didn’t publish a blog post (this first time I have missed one on the whole of 2012!!). So I am back on track today. I got up before mid-day, did some work and thought about making some plans – got to start slow right??

I got some amazing gifts this year and thought I would share some of them with you. Mainly because they are a little bit different and, if you are on the hunt for gifts in 2013, they would make great ones:

My fountain pen!

I had asked for a ‘proper’ pen so I could right the addresses on my envelopes and my little thank you notes. I just need to perfect some beautiful elaborate handwriting now! This pen is hand made from African Blackwood and is wonderful to write with, it’s from Pens Unique. I hope to introduce a card writing service in 2013, with the help of this beautiful pen!

Pens Unique pen

Earrings. Ok so two of the the gifts here are earrings. But I love them so much, and you can never have enough. Earrings are pretty much to only jewellery I wear, they don’t get in the way, take up hardy any room to store and come in lots of great shapes and sizes.

The first earrings are from Sally at My Bear Hands. I met Sally at a craft fair in Oxford back in September and loved her earrings.  I dropped enough hints to my sister who was selling alongside me as usual, and luckily for me it paid off!

my bear hands earrings

These beauties are made by Michiel Cornelissen, and are created using a 3D printer. How cool is that!? They are little birds inside a cadge and come in lots of great colours.

michiel cornelissen earrings

Christmas clown

Merry Christmas!

Just a quick blog post to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you have enjoyed my blog throughout 2012 – expect it to be even bigger and better in 2013.

I’ll leave you with a photo of one of the handmade ‘Christmas’ clowns that are hanging in my tree. They were made by my nan years and years ago and still come out every year!

Christmas clown

chritsmas place cards free printable

Free printable: Christmas table place cards

I hope you are nearly there with your present buying and Christmas preparations!

One thing that I always overlook, or don’t really think about until the last minute, is laying and decorating the table for Christmas dinner. If you’re like me you’ll probably rummage through the drawers to find every mis-matching table mat available, then cover the table with candles and maybe some spare foliage or baubles. This year I am a little bit more organised and decided to make some place cards. I designed them digitally in two different designs, so they just need printing off and cutting out.  As it’s Christmas I thought I would share them with you.

Download your free pdf here and get printing. Please note the pdf contains two pages, one for each design: Christmas place cards free printable

And here’s what they look like – sounds like a cool party huh?

chritsmas place cards free printable chritsmas place cards free printable chritsmas place cards free printable

PDF page one:

chritsmas place cards free printable

PDF page two:

chritsmas place cards free printable

Christmas day bingo

Christmas Bingo

What happens in your house on Christmas day? Does dad fall asleep in front of the telly? Are pigs in blankets on the dinner table? And does someone always get socks for Christmas?

If this sounds like your Christmas gathering you might like to buy our Christmas Bingo printable, just £1.50 for 12 bingo cards, plus blank versions to give you the option to fill them in with all the Christmas bingo shout-outs unique to your friends and family on the big day!

To order head over to our Etsy shop, I will email you the PDF to print and if you order by 5pm on Sunday 23 December (UK time), I’ll email them to you on Christmas Eve – just in time for the fun to begin.

Christmas day bingo

make christmas decorations

Make: bright wooden Christmas decorations

Just in time for Christmas, these bright decorations are easy to make and great for kids.

make christmas decorations

You will need:

  • Wooden plywood disks (from Hobby Craft or similar)
  • Acrylic paint in bright colours
  • Paintbrush
  • Plain white paper
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • String

wooden christmas decorations

First paint your wooden disks. I chose to paint three disks in the primary colours.

wooden christmas decorations

Whilst they are drying make your snowflakes. I found this quick tutorial on how to make a six pointed snowflake – rather than the standard 8 pointed ones I have made in the past – these look much more natural – but make what ever shape you feel most comfortable with.

To make a simple 8 pointed snowflake fold a square piece of paper in half diagonally making a triangle. Fold this triangle in half diagonally two more times. You should be left with a small triangle which you can cut in to from each side, make sure the areas you cut out do not meet!

The square of paper should be no bigger than the wooden disc you are using so that the snowflake won’t stick out over the sides.

wooden christmas decoration tutorial

Try and cut some different shapes into the snowflake rather than just simple triangles so you make an interesting pattern – have a bit of fun with it!

wooden christmas decoration tutorialwooden christmas decoration tutorial

Once you have finished cutting, unfold the paper and take a look at your amazing snowflake! Now it’s time to get gluing – your painted wooden disks should be dry by now, so smother them in PVA glue and lay your snowflake in the middle, glue over the top of the snowflake too.

Once dry your decorations are ready to hang! The discs I bought had a little plastic hook on the back so I attached string to that. If you don’t have a hook, try gluing or stapling string or ribbon to the back.

DSCN2815 DSCN2816 DSCN2814 wooden christmas decoration tutorial

stocking filler gift guide

Gift guide: stocking fillers

Only a few weeks left but there’s still time for a few last minute present purchases. Today I’m looking at some great stocking fillers (for young and old!), all with delivery to the UK before Christmas and under £10. I’ve also complied an Etsy Treasury list full of great gifts sold worldwide – so you may find some local to you if you’re outside the UK.

Retro shaped wooden rulers

retro shaped wooden rulers

Choose one of these brilliantly fun rulers for £5, from Posh Totty Designs.

Compliment pencils

compliment pencils

Make someone feel brilliant with these compliment pencils from Not on the High Street

Peacock mirror

peacock mirror

Pretty little mirror, perfect for a handbag by Joanna Parkin, £5.50

Set of four guitar bookmarks

set of 4 guitar bookmarks

Great gift for a bookworm or wannabe guitarist, from my shop; Knockout, £4

Bright ceramic mug

ceramic mug

Cheer up tea time with the bright mug, £9.50 from Sam Osborne

Typewriter letter fabric cufflinks

typewriter letter fabric cufflinks

Stylish gift for the guys, by Kaela Mills on Not on the High Street

Handprinted notebook

battersea power station notebook

Battersea Power Station lino printed notebook, available through my Etsy shop £5

Or take a look at my Etsy stocking filler Treasury List, featuring gift ideas from worldwide and UK sellers (remember to check Christmas last ordering dates for each shop!)

stocking filler gift guide