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So I haven’t written a blog post in a while. In fact I’m completely guilty of abandoning it for a few years! What happened? Well, I suppose life got in the way. Working full time, running a business in my spare time and day to day ups and downs means writing a blog post comes fairly low on the list.

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Print 52 week #10

Week 10 already! Where does the time go? I must admit squeezing a lino print in each week has been a bit tricky so far; I only work for two days on my little business so I have to squeeze lots in each day. So on Friday what did I do? I took the afternoon off. Not particularly helpful but lots of fun.

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print 52 week 8

Print 53 week #8

I’ve had a bit of a holiday spurt lately, first Madrid now Slovenia. Holidays for me are a bit like buses – you wait ages for one to come along and then two turn up at once. I’m not complaining though! It’s meant I’ve been a bit quieter on the blog recently, but I’ve managed to continue with the weekly lino prints and here is this week’s creation based on my trip to Slovenia. I used a photo of the awe-inspiring Lake Bled for inspiration, and tried to get some atmospheric sky in there – not sure if it’s completely successful, what do you think?

print 52 week 8 Lake Bled lino print Lake Bled




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Graffiti Slovenia

I’ve just returned from a trip to Slovenia, a beautiful country tucked between Italy and Croatia. It’s small but wonderfully varied; from alpine lakes to cultural cities to Mediterranean sea fronts – if you ever get the chance, go, it’s wonderfully peaceful and easy to get about.

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Bridge linoprint

Cutting a new lino at last

So the time has come to start creating some new linoprints. Keeping with the building/architecture theme, the Forth Rail Bridge is a print I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and I decided that it will be by first print of 2013. The print I’m planning is slightly larger than previous ones, and I’m also using ‘proper’ lino rather than the soft-cut variety I have been used to. This stuff is essentially harder to cut into, which is probably why I’ve avoided it up until now, but with some practice I’ve refined the technique and I can actually say I now prefer using it! The trick is to score around the outlines of the print with a craft knife before cutting – who’d of thought?

I always lay my print designs out on screen before I begin, this then gets printed, traced, and transferred to the lino before cutting:

bridge linoprint

And this is how the cut lino looks for the red colour in the print:

Bridge linoprint Bridge linoprint Bridge linoprint

I’ll keep you updated as it develops!


Thame linoprint

Another week, another new print!

Cutting the lino of my new print at last weekend’s artists and makers fair was a great idea it turns out. On Monday morning I was able to ink up and print straight away. My new print is a simple black and white number, of the Town Hall in my town, a little old place called Thame. Sam and I are doing a craft fair in this building on Saturday so it seemed an apt time to get a print done of it. Take a look at my last post to see photos of me carving the lino.

For more information about Thame Craft Fair on 13 October 2012, take a look at the organiser’s website.

Thame linoprint

Thame linoprintThame linoprint

Thame linoprint

Waddesdon craft fair October 2012

This weekend’s craft fair at Waddesdon

Had a super time at Waddesdon Artists and Makers fair  this weekend, exhibiting with my sister Sam. Thanks to everyone who came. Had the chance to meet some great people, ate some delicious cake and even found time to cut the lino for my next print.

Our next event takes place in Thame, at the Town Hall, next Saturday. You can find out more on Sally Evans Events website.

Here are a few photos of the weekend for you to enjoy:

Waddesdon craft fair October 2012Waddesdon craft fair October 2012

Waddesdon craft fair October 2012Waddesdon craft fair October 2012Waddesdon craft fair October 2012Waddesdon craft fair October 2012Waddesdon craft fair October 2012Waddesdon craft fair October 2012Waddesdon craft fair October 2012Waddesdon craft fair October 2012Waddesdon craft fair October 2012Waddesdon craft fair October 2012

The finished linoprint

New print: Waddesdon Manor

I’ve just finished my latest print, a four colour linocut of Waddesdon Manor, a Renaissance-style chateau about 10 miles from where I live. I chose this place not only because it is local to me and I have visited the wonderful building and it’s gardens numerous times over the years, but also because our next craft event takes place in the Waddesdon Plant Centre this weekend (6 and 7 October 2012).

The print is made up of four colours, which I printed using 3 blocks of lino. I took a slightly different approach from some of my recent prints and chose to use grey and light brown for the building and it’s details rather than a block of black with the carved detail showing through as white. It produces a subtler set of colours, but I’m not sure yet what I prefer! Will have to experiment further. The print will be available on my website soon – I’ll keep you posted.
So here are some photos showing the stages of the printmaking process:

Planning the linoprint

Planning the linoprint

Carving the lino

Carving the lino

Printing colours 1 and 2

Printing colours 1 and 2

inking up colours 3 and 4

Inking up colours 3 and 4


Printing colours 3 and 4 together

Printing colours 3 and 4 together

The finished linoprint

The finished linoprint