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make fabric bowls

8 great upcycling projects

A collection of some great upcycled and green crafts to try. This last Wednesday was Earth Day, a day which aims to encourage everyone to adopt more acts of green to help to protect the planet. Every little helps, so here you’ll find some great ways to reuse, recycle and upcycle.

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experimental lino print

11 things I’ve learnt from 4 years of printmaking

I’m a self-taught printmaker really. I had a go at linoprinting and screenprinting briefly at school and university, but just as a box ticking exercise really to pass particular modules. At school I really loved painting, and at uni I much preferred working on screen. So when I decided to explore printmaking properly, about four years after graduating, I had some idea of what was involved, but now had none of the facilities and tuition that I would have had years earlier. I’ve gradually bought bits, experimented, and tried to crave out a little bit of professional printmaking from a spare room. Here’s some of the lessons I’ve learnt over the years.

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Autumn colour palettes

I’ve put together some autumn colour palettes to feast your eyes on. There’s so much great colour at this time of year, and I feel I need to keep taking pictures of it before it all disappears.  Little colour palettes seem the obvious choice to record the variety and vibrancy of the red, yellows, green and browns at the time of year. What I love about making these colour palettes is the unexpected colours you can find, some that seem totally out of context. I could spend hours finding the exact colour combinations.

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raw material interiors

Trend – raw materials

I’m a complete sucker for an exposed brick wall or a table made out of railway sleepers, or whatever very clever people make tables out of! So here I’ve compiled some inspiration and links to help you fall in love with raw materials. Enjoy, but don’t start mixing your concrete until you’ve seen everything…

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make a paper flower out of old receipts

Make a paper flower from old receipts

Make a paper flower from old receipts

I end up with lots of useless receipts, for things like some shower gel I bought in 2002, or a proof of postage for a card I sent 5 years ago. Most of the time these end up shredded in the bin, or recycling, but this week after finding more of the things I thought I’d create something with them. I came up with the idea of a paper flower, having seen lots of tutorials for allsorts of papery flowery delights on Pinterest lately.

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tribal trend lino print

Tribal print trend

I’ve been really into the whole tribal print trend recently, and it’s inspired a small range of my prints this year. At the weekend I took a long over-due shopping trip to a big proper shopping centre type thing and saw loads of tribal print tops and dresses with a handprinted aesthetic to them. I didn’t buy any – they were much too short/figure hugging/see-through for me but I’d love to try and make my own using some of my lastest designs.

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