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tribal aztec linoprint

Tribal reduction linoprints magazine feature

Exciting post has landed on my doorstep – the June issue of Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms magazine. Flip to page 108 and what do I see? My three tribal-style reduction linoprints. Brilliant! I sent them to London off for their secret adventure back in March so it’s very exciting to finally see them in the magazine.

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Getting my rock on, new guitar prints

At last my new guitar prints are photographed and up on Etsy and Not on the High Street. The new designs build on the most popular prints, keeping the bold, graphical layouts but introducing some new colours, including soft grey, a gorgeous mushroom colour, deep, muddy purple, and orangy red. Yum. They all feature guitar headstocks and are perfect for people like me: those of us who love our music and wish we could play the guitar! God we’d be so cool wouldn’t we?

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bill poster museum of london

Type through time at The Museum of London

I’ve been meaning to go to The Museum of London for ages and I recently got round to going. Half way round I started notice lots of interesting type (not surprising that this was in the gallery called ‘Modern London 1670s-1850s: Expanding City’, with walls of bill posters, packaging and newspapers). Anyway I started snapping all these interesting letter forms as best I could with my camera phone in the museum light, and thought they would make a good blog post, I hope you enjoy them.

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Print 52, week 25. Autumn leaves linoprint

I couldn’t think of anything more autumny than leaves, and as it’s been pretty chilly and drizzly here it’s felt like were really into autumn now. I think the changing leaves look beautiful at this time of the year. I decided I’d also print this design on a card for my nan, she’s struggles with her sight so the strong contrast and simple shapes mean she will hopefully be able to make out the leaf pattern.

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raw material interiors

Trend – raw materials

I’m a complete sucker for an exposed brick wall or a table made out of railway sleepers, or whatever very clever people make tables out of! So here I’ve compiled some inspiration and links to help you fall in love with raw materials. Enjoy, but don’t start mixing your concrete until you’ve seen everything…

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Making a linoprint bitmap typeface

Recently I’ve started to create some basic linoprint bitmap typefaces. As you may know I print a lot of my greetings cards by hand and they are, almost exclusively these days, made up of type. When I started putting my Christmas Cards together this year I thought I’d look at digitalising my linoprint alphabet so that I could do more with my designs, and create them much more efficiently. I didn’t want to use any old typeface, or loose the handprinted look, so thought I’d have a bit of a play and make one of my own.

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tribal trend lino print

Tribal print trend

I’ve been really into the whole tribal print trend recently, and it’s inspired a small range of my prints this year. At the weekend I took a long over-due shopping trip to a big proper shopping centre type thing and saw loads of tribal print tops and dresses with a handprinted aesthetic to them. I didn’t buy any – they were much too short/figure hugging/see-through for me but I’d love to try and make my own using some of my lastest designs.

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