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tribal aztec linoprint

Tribal reduction linoprints magazine feature

Exciting post has landed on my doorstep – the June issue of Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms magazine. Flip to page 108 and what do I see? My three tribal-style reduction linoprints. Brilliant! I sent them to London off for their secret adventure back in March so it’s very exciting to finally see them in the magazine.

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venice art print

Print 52: Venice canal and gondola linoprint

As you will know if you saw my last post of pretty pictures, I spent a few days in Venice last week. Still day dreaming about bridges and canals, it made lots of sense for this week’s linoprint to be a view of Venice. In contrast to my previous post of textures and colours, I chose a very typical scene of gondolas with domes and spires in the background. What I’d give be sat in a square with a plate of seafood and a glass of white wine right now…

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venice art

Venice: colour and texture

I’ve recently returned from a few days in Venice. I’d never been before but was struck my the texture and colour of the city, especially when we were lucky enough to have a day of beautiful weather without a cloud in the sky. The bright blue really set off the whites, yellows and reds of the buildings, so much so I felt the need to try and re-photograph everything I had taken pictures of the day before as it looked so much better.

You can see a million photos on the internet of the iconic buildings, canals and gondolas, so in this post I’ve rounded up some of the images that most show off the rich colour, weathered textures and beautiful stone in the city. I hope you enjoy them.

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linoprint - UK storm

Print 52, week 27 – there’s a storm brewing!

So I couldn’t really do anything other than the ‘UK Super Storm 2013’ for today’s linoprint. So much anticipation building over the weekend, I was expecting the apocalypse overnight, but I just heard 20 minutes of a bit of wind and rain at 6am. Our area wasn’t really effected as much as they reported (a good thing obviously, but I was getting a little bit excited about a bit of interesting weather), a few trees down and a bin on it’s side. The Brits love to talk about the weather, I even noticed someone on Twitter adopt #ThameStorm this morning, so a linoprint about some blustery trees and driving rain seems very apt. It’s all I’ve been talking about all morning.

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print52-week-22 linoprint

Print 52, week 22. Abstract lines linoprint

For this week’s linoprint I wanted to create a simple linear linoprint. I like to think the finished design abstractly resembles a ploughed field with the sun setting in the background. Its the time of year that you see lots of combine harvesters in the field and this print remind me of a picture I drew when I was little of a tractor in a field surrounded by birds. I made it using coloured pencils and then laminated it – that’s how proud I was of it!

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linoprint project

Print 52, week 20, abstract triangle linoprint

Week 20, abstract triangle linoprint.

Week 20 already – phew. It’s really flown by. Now we’re at the end of the summer and today I woke up to grey sky and rain. It really feels autumn-like so I donned my big, thick Aztec cardie and grabbed a cup of tea. I suppose the Aztec patterns must have inspired this abstract triangle print as I found myself doodling some strong lines and shapes over the lino this morning.

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print 52 week 8

Print 53 week #8

I’ve had a bit of a holiday spurt lately, first Madrid now Slovenia. Holidays for me are a bit like buses – you wait ages for one to come along and then two turn up at once. I’m not complaining though! It’s meant I’ve been a bit quieter on the blog recently, but I’ve managed to continue with the weekly lino prints and here is this week’s creation based on my trip to Slovenia. I used a photo of the awe-inspiring Lake Bled for inspiration, and tried to get some atmospheric sky in there – not sure if it’s completely successful, what do you think?

print 52 week 8 Lake Bled lino print Lake Bled




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Graffiti Slovenia

I’ve just returned from a trip to Slovenia, a beautiful country tucked between Italy and Croatia. It’s small but wonderfully varied; from alpine lakes to cultural cities to Mediterranean sea fronts – if you ever get the chance, go, it’s wonderfully peaceful and easy to get about.

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Alphabet lino print

What’s new?

Sorry for being a bit quiet during the last few weeks. The combination of bank holidays on the two days I usually work for myself (Monday and Friday), a wedding in Belfast and a rotten cold have left me behind when it comes to blogging! So here’s a little bit of a catch up.

This morning I took delivery of lots more mugs, this time with a new colour – Mr Green, to make up a set of four. I love these mugs, really bright and fun and it’s like Christmas when I receive another box of them, especially when I can send my design off and it comes back as a fully made product.


Next on today’s agenda is creating a new lino print. This time I’m printing the WHOLE alphabet. I’m hoping it will make a great print, but I’ll also use it as a basis for a lino typeface which I will use to create some digital art and cards, I’m starting now so it will all be ready for Chr*****s (didn’t want to say it – far, far to early to utter those words!!) . Here are the first few steps in the process:

Alphabet lino print Alphabet lino print IMG_20130412_122019

Another new project that’s underway is my new website. I’m creating it myself and it will be even bigger and better,  so soon there will be a whole new home for this blog – I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, here’s a quick peek:




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