March round up – sun, printing and #MuseumWeek

Blimey it’s the end of March already! Another month has rattled by – here’s the highlights.

New print

I cut this lino ages ago and have only just got round to printing it. I picked a bright blue, which I think will look great in a big white frame. I’ve only printed a handful, and they’ll be listed on Etsy soon.



We’ve had a few really great weekends, full of sunshine and heat. Even caught the sun a bit on my nose on Saturday while I was sat in the pub garden.

IMAG2652 IMAG2665

Getting creative with my craft paper

See my tutorial for making your own envelopes. I used my craft paper which you can download from Etsy.





Last week was Museum Week on Twitter, so the last seven days have been spent hooked to my day job’s Twitter feed responding, replying and tweeting away.  Despite the hard work It’s been great fun. Here’s me with my manager Isabelle taking our #MuseumSelfie with Roald Dahl.



I went to see The Presidents of the United States of America. It was awesome


Kim Osborne Knockout



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