Behind the scenes in November

linoprints kim osborne10 things I did in November

1. Stood back and took stock. Taking a look at my work over the last few years whilst it’s all in one place is a very good thing to do occasionally, helps see where I’m going!

. IMG_20131120_020140

2. Met some animals. I saw the big pig at The Crazy Bear Farm Shop, and I love this photo of him (of her – I don’t know!).  The heron was perched on the neighbours roof for aaaaages.



3. Visited Venice. You can see lots of pics on my previous post, but I’ll share my favourite with you here – you lucky things!


4. Experimented with print. Inspired by my trip to Venice, I tried some new techniques and styles – what do you think?

IMAG1985 linoprinting


5. Realised I’m becoming one of those people who take far too many photos of their cat. I just can’t stop.




6. Cooked some super-tasty, mega awesome food. Not to blow my own trumpet or anything…


7. Had a massive sort-out, caught up on admin, re-ordered stock, moved everything around, and generally made everything better!


8. Put the Christmas tree up at work! My day job at the museum that is – this isn’t my garden!


9. Made four new Print 52 linoprints. Inspired by rain, tea, events and holidays.


10. Got ready for Christmas. Not only in terms of processing orders, stocking up on envelopes and postal tubes and remaining calm, but also finding some great gift ideas, recipes and craft makes for the season. Take a look at my Christmas Guide for more info.


Oh, and I also received 1000 like on my blog – so thanks to everyone who has been reading, liking and commenting over the last year!

Kim Osborne Knockout


this is knockout, prints and things

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