Christmas guide: planning, shopping, eating and drinking

christmas craftsI’ve had Christmas on the brain now since June – is it over yet?! No, it’s only just beginning! This week’s post is a quick round up of some useful resources to help your Christmas planning, shopping, eating and drinking.

Plan! Make use of my free downloadable gift planner sheets and table place cards. Really useful on the run-up to Christmas!



Shop! Check out the Blog and Buy Christmas Wish List. It’s packed with the best creative products from lots of brilliant designer makers. This year I’m lucky enough to have some of my Christmas goodies featured – yippee! If you need some gift inspiration, this is the place to go.

blog and buy christmas wish list


Make stuff! Christmas is the perfect excuse for some good old craft, it doesn’t have to be perfect, the fun is in the creating. Make your own decorations, wreaths and more. Take a look at my Pinterest board for some ideas and inspiration.



Eat! That’s what it’s all about! Use these links for some great Christmas foodie bits and recipes:


  • Drool! As always lots of delicious looking recipes on Jamie Oliver’s website (image above).
  • Fancy something fishy? The Cornish Fishmonger has lots of great recipes, including bacon roasted monkfish and potted crab meat with Martini.
  • Get some Italian inspiration on Antonio Carluccio’s website. Wild hazelnut crunch – yum!
  •  Head over to Time Out for some tips on using up Christmas leftovers by top chefs and food writers.
  • For me, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without Nigella’s ham in Coca-Cola.
  • Explore some very old Christmas recipes on The Old Foodie, where you can find out how to cook a boar’s head (if you happen to have one that is).
  • Meat not your thing? Find lots of lipsmackingly good veggie recipes on the Channel 4 website.


Drink! You’ll probably feel the need for one or two over the festive period.


Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! I’d love to hear of you have any great Christmas tips, tutorials or ideas, please share them in the comments below.

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3 responses to Christmas guide: planning, shopping, eating and drinking

  1. emisformaker

    Wine matching is easy: does bottle have cool label and cost around $10? Sold!
    But seriously, thanks for the handy links, and happy holidays!

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