Type through time at The Museum of London

bill poster museum of londonI’ve been meaning to go to The Museum of London for ages and I recently got round to going. Half way round I started notice lots of interesting type (not surprising that this was in the gallery called ‘Modern London 1670s-1850s: Expanding City’, with walls of bill posters, packaging and newspapers). Anyway I started snapping all these interesting letter forms as best I could with my camera phone in the museum light, and thought they would make a good blog post, I hope you enjoy them.

The museum is great incidentally. It covers the whole of London history from 450,000BC, through the Romans, black death, fire, war, Shakespeare, Victorians, swinging 60s – you name it it’s there. In conclusion, I think I would like to live in Roman London for a bit, then skip straight to 1960, the bit in between seems a bit too full of death and disease for me!

bill poster museum of london advertising museum of london london museum advertising type stencil stencil type old fashioned type old fashioned ampersand sheffield music type type on bottle type logo on old fashioned toilet IMAG1893 vicorial happy new year card victorian logo victorian type old fashioned london railway ticket IMAG1909 billingsgate market museum or london packaging museum of london vespa logo 1960s museum of london bins logo museum of london protein poster museum of london old fashioned signs museum of london IMAG1948

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