Print 52, week 27 – there’s a storm brewing!

linoprint - UK stormSo I couldn’t really do anything other than the ‘UK Super Storm 2013’ for today’s linoprint. So much anticipation building over the weekend, I was expecting the apocalypse overnight, but I just heard 20 minutes of a bit of wind and rain at 6am. Our area wasn’t really effected as much as they reported (a good thing obviously, but I was getting a little bit excited about a bit of interesting weather), a few trees down and a bin on it’s side. The Brits love to talk about the weather, I even noticed someone on Twitter adopt #ThameStorm this morning, so a linoprint about some blustery trees and driving rain seems very apt. It’s all I’ve been talking about all morning.

Keep warm and dry wherever you are!

template-print-52  week-27-linoprintPrint-27-storm

Kim Osborne Knockout


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2 responses to Print 52, week 27 – there’s a storm brewing!

  1. starrybird

    Hi Kim! Love your work. I’m a beginner at linocut. I see your craft knife in the shots – can you explain how you use it in conjunction with the lino cut tools?

    • thisisknockout Post Author

      Hi Starrybird, I use the craft knife to cut around the edge of my design, then use my linocut tool to cut up to this edge. It gives a nice clean line, and can be helpful when using quite hard traditional lino, depending on your style of course.
      Hope this helps! Kim

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