Behind the scenes in September

A quick look at what I’ve been up to in September

Thame Food Festival

Held every year in September, the Thame Food Festival gets bigger and better every year. It’s in my home town so there’s no excuse to miss it. Last year I met Raymond Blanc, this year my mind was blown with the realisation that giant Marmite Scotch eggs existed.



Print 52 – September

I made 5 Print 52 prints in September, I really like the simple linear print on the right. I might explore this style in some future prints – what do you think?


Autumn on the way

As the song goes, ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like autumn’, well maybe not, but I love it when the trees turn red and gold and you get to stamp though piles of leaves (maybe not too happy about the colder, greyer, damp weather though!).

IMAG1552Autumn weather

Christmas stuff up and running

So my Christmas products are now listed and starting to sell (some super organised people out there). Cards, bingo game sets and downloadable gift tags are all available now.

pack of funny christmas cards

Pack of 10 Christmas cards for £10


Christmas Bingo game £6



Downloadable Christmas gift tags £2.50


I bought a whole squid earlier this week, and really enjoyed cleaning it up and preparing it, including harvesting the squid ink to add to a sauce.


Some finds

My mum bought me this little Victorian ink well from a local antiques/second hand shop. I thinks it’s pretty cute, I’ll have to get some ink and a quill so I can try it out.


Hope you’ve had a brilliant September!



this is knockout

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