Trends: Monochrome madness

black and white ceramicsThe monochrome trend is back apparently (did it ever go away?!), so I’ve bought you a round up of some inspiration and great buys.


It doesn’t have all be black and white, look, here’s some grey. But seriously, soft greys are great, so is this picture shelf with a wonderful collection of black and white prints. Source


Mix it up

Think the black and white and grey combo is a bit too strong? Soften it with some other colours. Vintage browns look great here. Source


Wear it

Gorgeous bag by Leaf, Not on the High Street


Slightly in love with these great hand printed monochrome t-shirts by emteeemtee


Large chevron earrings by Button Up


Live it

Very cute – mix and match hand painted ceramics by RoomForEmptiness


Amazing cushions by The Pillow People, would look great on a bright yellow sofa.


My very own alphabet lino print!


Have you get any great monochrome finds? Let me know, I’d love to see.



this is knockout

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Buy Knockout pillows, iPhone cases and prints through Society 6


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