Behind the scenes in August

I love August! There’s good weather (hopefully), long days, and my birthday. This month has been busy with lots of fun stuff.

Super summery walks, with inappropriate footwear.

This beautiful walk was from the Hughenden Manor car park. We also had a little picnic in the orchard.

IMG_20130901_101652 IMG_20130901_101427 IMG_20130901_101224 IMG_20130901_101105 IMG_20130901_100927 IMG_20130901_100801 IMG_20130901_100717

Great charity shop finds.

Some bargains were found this month, the glass lemonade bottle was just £1.50. The magazine was actually a couple of quid from a little antiques fair we drove by. It dates from 1939 and has lots of great ads for things such as creams to get rid of superfluous hair and tonic wine to revive health. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet though…




Print 52, still going strong.

This month I’ve reached week 18. I’ve bought mounts for them all and they look great in them. Now I’ve run out of lino, so there’s some on order in time for next week’s print.


Trying new stuff in the kitchen.

Like this awesome cauliflower pizza base. It’s delicious! Here’s the recipe I used.


My birthday!

Flowers, cake and a night out in Oxford. Wonderful!




New ideas.

Plans and sketches for a new series of linoprints. These won’t be ready for quite a while, probably next year, but I’ll keep you posted!


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