Print 52 week 18, kitchen worktop linoprint

linoprint kitchen cookingI’m making this week’s linoprint on a Sunday. I usually make them on Monday but as tomorrow is a bank holiday and I’m hoping that I’ll end up doing something super interesting and magnificent (hmmm maybe…) I thought I’d create my linoprint a day early.

Today I was inspired by cooking. I love cooking and I’ve been trying a lot of new things lately (regular readers will be familiar with my forays in to jam making a few weeks ago). This weekend I made a curry with my family, it was a recipe from Rick Stein’s latest book and was delicious. Any recipe that involves a whole bulb of garlic has got to be a winner in my opinion! I’ve also made some runner bean piccalilli, runner bean soup, and I’ll soon be making some runner bean crostini (guess what’s growing in the garden…).¬† Last weekend I also tried making meringue for the first time ever.



Just for good measure, here are some of the the tasty looking photos I’ve been taking on my kitchen adventures:

IMG_8959 IMG_8935 IMG_8929 IMG_8911 IMG_8910 IMG_8909




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One response to Print 52 week 18, kitchen worktop linoprint

  1. Debora Gillespie

    We recently re-built a trellis for some of the runner beans, they are looking nice with their red and white flowers. I am using the same trellis for some manzano peppers, once they get their purple flowers it is going to be quite a sight. I have also been watching the hummingbirds. They definitely favor the scarlet flowers! I will try to post a picture of the trellis this coming weekend.

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