Long, hot summer. August garden photos with Aviary app.

I spent another summer afternoon taking billions and billions of photos of the garden (again). Once I start I just can’t stop, and I take about 30 shots of each plant, cat, vegetable, scene…you get the picture. The sun was just so nice yesterday afternoon and the plants and things were looking so beautiful as the sun got lower. I always try and take photos so you can’t see the fence, or the house, or the neighbour’s aerial too much so that it looks like i’m in some remote tranquil oasis.

All of these photos were taken on my camera phone. I love using an app called Aviary to edit them afterwards, adding some retro styling and focus. Again I could create hundreds of different combos. What stopped me in the end is my battery dying!

IMG_20130818_050539 IMG_20130818_064617 IMG_20130818_064823 IMG_20130818_064901 IMG_20130818_065009 IMG_20130818_065118 IMG_20130818_065252 IMG_20130818_065331 IMG_20130818_065457 IMG_20130818_065639 IMG_20130818_070048 IMG_20130818_070409 IMG_20130818_070559 IMG_20130818_070726 IMG_20130818_070846 IMG_20130818_070942


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