Print 52, week 17. Teapot and cup linoprint.

tea set linoprintWeek 17’s linoprint is of a little patterned tea pot and cup.

This weekend I drank a lot of tea. Nothing really new about that but this week tea seemed to be everywhere! I had a bacon bap and mug of tea in a little cafe in the Oxford Covered Market on Sunday, looking out into the window of a tea and coffee merchants drooling over all the tea sets, coffee machines and retro looking tins of loose leaf tea. I then thought I’d get my charity shop tea set out on Thursday and brew a proper cup of tea. Thursday is my birthday you see, and it’s a true sign that I’m getting old (I’ll be 30), when the thing I’m looking forward to most on my day off is brewing a pot of tea.

I had another charity shop winning moment on Saturday when I found a cool old glass bottle with a plastic cap, covered with a bright yellow and green transfer print of lemons and leaves. It was £1.50, and when I bought it home everyone thought I’d gone mad. But it’s out on display and making lemonaid is now on the to-so list. I saw lots of tea sets when I was in the charity shops. I love the 50s and 60s ones with bright prints. I know I only have space for one tea set, so have to resist the temptation to buy every set I see.

So here’s this week’s print. Now I’m off for a cuppa!

IMAG1224 template-print-52




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