Making a linoprint bitmap typeface

Recently I’ve started to create some basic linoprint bitmap typefaces. As you may know I print a lot of my greetings cards by hand and they are, almost exclusively these days, made up of type. When I started putting my Christmas Cards together this year I thought I’d look at digitalising my linoprint alphabet so that I could do more with my designs, and create them much more efficiently. I didn’t want to use any old typeface, or loose the handprinted look, so thought I’d have a bit of a play and make one of my own.

Firstly I created a caps typeface similar to the style of type on my greetings card:

This is the linoprint…


…that created the text on my digitally printed Christmas cards.


This week I made a new typeface with caps and lowercase letters to use on some quote artwork I’ve been asked to create. Here’s some photos of the process.

Draw the alphabet on to the lino, and cut round the edges with a craft knife.


Cut the lino around the letters. This can be a bit tiring on the hands and fingers, so I like to have lots of rest breaks to take some sexy macro photos! As you can see I often get carried away.





Inking and printing. Then a few days to dry.



Once dry I scan the print. I don’t have any fancy font creating software, so I simply adjust the brightness and contrast on the file and delete the background. I then create a single file for each letter by copying and pasting from the main document. I make each single letter file in to a bitmap (.bmp) file. Once this is dropped into InDesign I can colour the letter how ever I like if i select it using the white arrow. It’s means it’s a little bit tricky to set the text as images rather than a proper font, but as I’m only using is for limited amounts of text it’s not too bad.


Now all that’s left to do is have a play about on screen. I’ll show you the finished creations once they’re ready.





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