Behind the scenes in July

July has been a busy month with lots going on in work and out of work. I’m always taking photos on my phone documenting lots of the things I get up to so thought I’d share this month’s happenings in a blog post. Here’s what I’ve been up to behind the scenes:

Helped out in the We Make London shop in Camden. I’ve been selling some of my prints, mugs and cards in there throughout July. There’s so much amazing stuff here, if you’re in the area please do check it out. I love Camden but a lot of the stuff sold in the market is bought in and the same on every stall so it’s great to have some shops like this to get something truly unique!

IMAG0846 we make london shop

Visited The Shard, London. I had a scorching hot day out in London with my family for mum’s birthday. Mum and I went up the Shard for an awesome view over London (dad and sis far too scared of heights). Thoroughly recommended, visit the website here. You can see for miles, especially on a bright day, and we weren’t even put off by the helicopter circling the building and hovering at eye-level one bit!

IMAG0783 the shard


Packed up my Christmas cards. I found some mini pizza boxes on-line which make the perfect packaging for my pack of 10 Christmas cards. I’m really proud of these new designs and hope they will be really popular this year. Instead of hand printing the cards, this year I’ve created a lino print typeface from an alphabet lino cut, so the cards still have the same feel to them and stem from my own hand printed creations. It does feel very weird though, packing up the cards with a fan on me in the summer heat.



Worked on some more linoprints. I’ve got loads of new prints on the go, some printed, some still in the design stages. Most of which I’m hoping will be listed on Etsy and Not on the High Street for September. I’ve also been carrying on with the Print 52 project, and I’m really getting into it. Some of the A6 prints from this project are feeding into my new designs so It’s already proving very useful!



Hen-do in Liverpool. One of my best friends who I’ve known since I was 7 is getting married very soon so we took her on a hen-do. It was awesome, we made an organisers packs and cup cakes, and found these really great Laura Ashley bridesmaid dresses on eBay, as well as a full-on 80s wedding dress for the bride-to-be for £30. It fitted perfectly and actually looked really good! The pale-pink bridesmaid dress makes me look soooo young! I felt like I was 12.



Wrapping up projects. A big design project has finally been completed after a lots of hard work. This is my ‘day job’, and I (along with a small team of awesome peeps) designed the new Visitor’s Guide. It looks ace!


Jam making! We have tonnes of currants growing in the garden so it’s always a task figuring out what to do with them, something other than picking them and watching them rot! So I made a lot of jam. It’s nice, a bit solid like a jelly, but I think it will be great in some autumny dishes like casserole when the time comes.


blackcurrant bush

Hayward Gallery. The wheel barrow seats were by the Hayward Gallery where we went to see The Alternative Guide to the Universe Exhibition. I loved it. The exhibition contains eccentric and imaginative work from self-taught artists, philosophers and visionaries. A lots of the work was intricate, barmy and inspiring. People like Marcel Storr who spent years drawing hundreds of fantastically intricate buildings which he hoped would be used as a blueprint should Paris suffer a nuclear attack and need to be re-built, and Lee Godie, who lived on the streets of Chicago and amassed hoards of photos posed in local photo booths. You must check this out, it’s on until 26 August.


Most importantly enjoying the warm weather! Eating plenty of colourful salads and chilling in the evenings. I love the colours in these two photos, the summer always brings out beautiful colour combos.



Hope you’ve also had a brilliant July, I’d love to know what you’ve been up to? Been working on any great projects, visited some cool places or seen a great exhibition, feel free to



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