Print 52 week #10

Week 10 already! Where does the time go? I must admit squeezing a lino print in each week has been a bit tricky so far; I only work for two days on my little business so I have to squeeze lots in each day. So on Friday what did I do? I took the afternoon off. Not particularly helpful but lots of fun.

I took my sister down to Portsmouth (my uni town which I hadn’t been back to in seven years!) for a night away, mainly to see Vampire Weekend. The gig was awesome and we had a delightful dinner out, LOTS of beer, and spent the following afternoon on the beach at West Wittering. I came home with wind-swept hair, very pink feet, a big smile on my face and a sketchbook full of little thumbnails of seagulls that I’d spotted on the beach. Seemed logical today to make this week’s print 52 a beach scene. Hope you enjoy the sailing boats and seagulls!

IMAG0626 IMAG0633 template-print-52-week-10

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