9 everyday things to pimp with washi tape

I bought my first lot of washi tape a few weeks ago for a tutorial on this blog. Ever since it’s been sitting around on my desk, I keep picking it up cos it’s so pretty, then not really doing anything with it. Until now.

After a few hours of brainstorming, discovering and sticking I came up with a list of 9 things you can stick washi tape to. In fact there’s probably a billion things you can cover with washi tape if you fancied but here’s my list:

1 Beautify a box for all your bits


2 Files don’t have to be boring


3 No more plain desk edges, no siree!


4 No more boring plywood – washi tape that white board!


5 Make your shelves look edgy 


6 Brighten up your light switch


7 Get creative on (not just in) your sketchbook 


8 Send some love – make your envelopes look jazzy


9 Pimp your frames





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