Graffiti Slovenia

I’ve just returned from a trip to Slovenia, a beautiful country tucked between Italy and Croatia. It’s small but wonderfully varied; from alpine lakes to cultural cities to Mediterranean sea fronts – if you ever get the chance, go, it’s wonderfully peaceful and easy to get about.

Although I saw lots of great things, people and places the focus of this blog post is on some of the graffiti I saw. In some of the towns we visited it was everywhere – on doors, windows, walls and rocks. It was mostly bright and interesting, which is why I suppose I took so many photos of it, and didn’t appear to often be washed or painted over to get rid of it. I don’t pretend to know the meaning behind each piece of street art, so have collated here some of the art I encountered that was of visually interesting to me.

DSCN3985 piran graffiti piran graffiti rave is shit graffiti graffiti cars kill graffiti piran cat graffiti jese loves you graffiti graffiti graffiti graffiti sloveia graffiti graffiti Donut graffiti DSCN4169 Graffiti Ljublijana Graffiti Slovenia graffiti mural graffiti Street art Slovenia Graffiti Slovenia Graffiti Slovenia

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