Print 52 week #2

Week two’s print is all about 101. My nanna’s 101th birthday that is! She reached this amazing milestone on Sunday so I thought I would use the opportunity to create a birthday print for my Print52 feature. It also made a great print to make into a birthday card for her (plus it’s pretty tricky to buy a 101th birthday card!). So happy birthday nanna!

print 52 week 2 - linoprint


print 52 week 2 - linoprint


The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed that I cut the lino the wrong way round at first, forgetting the first rule of lino printing – it will print a mirror image! You can see in the second picture in the collage, realised just as i’d finished, so started all over again. Must be the sun melting my brain, oh dear – can’t believe I did it after all these years printing!



knockout by kim osborne

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