Make: simple lino stamps


I have been using this little red brayer/lino cutting tool since I first got into linoprinting. I don’t use it as much nowadays, but they are great for beginners and pretty inexpensive to boot. For months I’ve had some little circular lino discs kicking around, they’re designed to stick to the bottom of the brayer to be used as a stamp, and have a self-adhesive back so they can attach. Today I thought I would actually use them and see what I could do. You can buy the brayer and lino stamps on most good online art websites, just search for ‘Lino Cutter Baren Kit’.

What you need

  • Lino cutter baren kit
  • Self-adhesive soft cut lino discs
  • Stamp pad
  • Paper or surface to print on

First draw your designs onto the lino and use the cutting tool to cut around the outline:


I found the discs to be quite fiddly to cut, and pretty slippery. Holding the disc like so and cutting away from you seemed to be the best best. Mind your fingers!!


Cut away the rest of the area to leave your design remaining:


Remove the backing and attach to the cutting tool/brayer:


Then press into your ink pad and stamp away!


lino stamps

I created three little birdy designs, which turned out to be pretty cute. It’s fairly hard to get much detail on these tiny discs. It may be better to glue them to square blocks of wood first so you can cut them easier. These would be great to stamp on cards, envelopes, or to decorate things like bunting of fabric. Hope you like them, why not have a go yourself?




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