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Sorry for being a bit quiet during the last few weeks. The combination of bank holidays on the two days I usually work for myself (Monday and Friday), a wedding in Belfast and a rotten cold have left me behind when it comes to blogging! So here’s a little bit of a catch up.

This morning I took delivery of lots more mugs, this time with a new colour – Mr Green, to make up a set of four. I love these mugs, really bright and fun and it’s like Christmas when I receive another box of them, especially when I can send my design off and it comes back as a fully made product.


Next on today’s agenda is creating a new lino print. This time I’m printing the WHOLE alphabet. I’m hoping it will make a great print, but I’ll also use it as a basis for a lino typeface which I will use to create some digital art and cards, I’m starting now so it will all be ready for Chr*****s (didn’t want to say it – far, far to early to utter those words!!) . Here are the first few steps in the process:

Alphabet lino print Alphabet lino print IMG_20130412_122019

Another new project that’s underway is my new website. I’m creating it myself and it will be even bigger and better,  so soon there will be a whole new home for this blog – I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, here’s a quick peek:




knockout by kim osborne

Buy Knockout linoprints, illustrations and greetings cards online

Buy Knockout pillows, iPhone cases and prints through Society 6




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