Pattern and mark-making morning

mark making and patternThere’s nothing like sitting down on a Friday morning and messing – sorry experimenting – with pattern, colour and mark making. It’s a good way to get the creative juices flowing before I set-off to create news prints and designs. Today I worked mainly with felt pens and markers but also used a variety of pencils. I made some that were loose and messy, but lately I always seem to come back to zig-zags, grids and lines, which I don’t mind ‘cos I love ’em! I added some colour and in the process managed to make a pattern that looked a bit like the jazzy 80’s leggings I used to wear when I was a kid (now back in fashion I believe?!), but kept most black and white with the vision of scanning, manipulating and colouring on-screen later.

mark making and pattern

bright pattern experiment mark making drawing pencil mark making geometric pattern experiment simple pattern

I’ve already started having a play with these designs, overlaying chevron blocks of colour in Illustrator, I’ll show you the finished designs when they’re done!

pattern and mark makingpattern experiments



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