Make: fun experimental linoprint

linoprint experimentalI can’t stop making little experimental linoprints at the moment, I’m really enjoying trying new things and going a bit crazy, so I thought I’d share each one I create with you and show you how I do it.

This one is based on trying various types of cutting action, playing with the various nibs for the cutting tool and having fun with it; hatching, stabbing, scratching, making lots of different shapes (obviously minding fingers throughout!). To make this a bit more structured the lino is marked with a grid before hand, I chose 4cm x 4cm squares. The idea is do do something different in each square:

drawing on lino for print

cutting lino grid

finished cut lino for printing

This is my finished lino, as you can see I used a variety of shapes, lines, and line thicknesses, plus I incorporated some overlapping shapes for interest (look for the circle).

inking up a linocut

Next up ink your lino with your chosen colour and get printing. For tips on how to register and print your lino see one of my earlier tutorials; ‘Making a linoprint from your sketch’

Printed edition of linoprints

And there you have it, a very cool experimental linoprint – see what you can create!

linoprint experimental linoprint experimental Grid pattern linoprint

4 responses to Make: fun experimental linoprint

  1. live.retridemption

    My mum does lino-prints with her Grade 7 class. I’m going to link this to her so that her kids can get inspired! It even makes me want to have a go at lino-printing again (been… gosh, almost 10 years since I last tried it).

    Thanks for the beautiful work and keep at it! I’ll be waiting.

    • thisisknockout Post Author

      Fantastic, I hope the kids in your mum’s class enjoy their linoprinting, by all means share this link – I hope it helps inspire and would love to see some pics of their work!
      Thanks for your lovely comment – and yes you should start doing it again, it’s lots of fun!

  2. mgilbertsen

    Fun stuff, I think I’m going to try some non-representational art now! It’s rather like Zentangling, perhaps I could attempt to carve in that style? Hmmm….and thanks for sharing!

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