Cutting a new lino at last

Bridge linoprintSo the time has come to start creating some new linoprints. Keeping with the building/architecture theme, the Forth Rail Bridge is a print I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and I decided that it will be by first print of 2013. The print I’m planning is slightly larger than previous ones, and I’m also using ‘proper’ lino rather than the soft-cut variety I have been used to. This stuff is essentially harder to cut into, which is probably why I’ve avoided it up until now, but with some practice I’ve refined the technique and I can actually say I now prefer using it! The trick is to score around the outlines of the print with a craft knife before cutting – who’d of thought?

I always lay my print designs out on screen before I begin, this then gets printed, traced, and transferred to the lino before cutting:

bridge linoprint

And this is how the cut lino looks for the red colour in the print:

Bridge linoprint Bridge linoprint Bridge linoprint

I’ll keep you updated as it develops!



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