What did you get for Christmas? Here are my faves

Pens Unique penSo Christmas is over and we can now all look forward to 2013! As it’s New Years Eve i’ll wish you a very happy New Year.

I spent most of Christmas eating, drinking and vegging out. I didn’t do any of the work I had planned to do, and last Friday didn’t publish a blog post (this first time I have missed one on the whole of 2012!!). So I am back on track today. I got up before mid-day, did some work and thought about making some plans – got to start slow right??

I got some amazing gifts this year and thought I would share some of them with you. Mainly because they are a little bit different and, if you are on the hunt for gifts in 2013, they would make great ones:

My fountain pen!

I had asked for a ‘proper’ pen so I could right the addresses on my envelopes and my little thank you notes. I just need to perfect some beautiful elaborate handwriting now! This pen is hand made from African Blackwood and is wonderful to write with, it’s from Pens Unique. I hope to introduce a card writing service in 2013, with the help of this beautiful pen!

Pens Unique pen

Earrings. Ok so two of the the gifts here are earrings. But I love them so much, and you can never have enough. Earrings are pretty much to only jewellery I wear, they don’t get in the way, take up hardy any room to store and come in lots of great shapes and sizes.

The first earrings are from Sally at My Bear Hands. I met Sally at a craft fair in Oxford back in September and loved her earrings.  I dropped enough hints to my sister who was selling alongside me as usual, and luckily for me it paid off!

my bear hands earrings

These beauties are made by Michiel Cornelissen, and are created using a 3D printer. How cool is that!? They are little birds inside a cadge and come in lots of great colours.

michiel cornelissen earrings

2 responses to What did you get for Christmas? Here are my faves

  1. Muddy Stilettos

    Bravo to you for your blogging achievement! I think my Xmas supercomp finished me off this year – had to take a week off. Have a great NYE and here’s to great things in 2013. Or if not greatness, at least happiness! x

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