Make: paper decorations using cup cake wrappers

cup cake wrapper decoration

I found instructions for these decorations on the internet and decided to have a go myself. They are made from cup cake wrappers and brilliant for Christmas decorations, or for dressing up a party. In fact there are lots of great things you can make with cup cake wrappers, check out this Pinterest board for some great examples.

You will need:

  • Cup cake wrappers. I got some cheap, colourful ones from The Co-op
  • Polystyrene ball
  • Glue gun
  • String or ribbon if you want to hang them

Make cup cake wrapper decorations

The aim is to cover the whole of the polystyrene ball with the cup cake wrappers. Do this by scrunching them slightly and gluing them all over. Be careful with your fingers as the glue is mega hot and the cup cake wrappers are very thin!

Make cup cake wrapper decorations

make cup cake wrapper decorations

Once you have covered the surface completely you can attach you ribbon or string if you are planning on hanging it. Simply cut to length then secure in a gap between wrappers with glue.

Cup cake wrapper balls


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