Make: paper doilie bowls

Paper doilie bowlsReally quick and easy, these delicate little bowls make great decorative items.

Paper doilie bowls

You will need

  • Paper doilies
  • A bowl
  • Cling film
  • PVA glue
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Bowl to mix glue and water in
  • Newspaper or scrap paper

I’ve used both plain and decorated doilies. The coloured ones were left over from stencilling some tote bags – just too pretty to throw away!

First cover your bowl with cling film – this helps prevent the doilie ending up glued to it. Smooth it out and place the bowl lip down onto some newspaper with the cling film tucked inside (something I was about to do in the picture below!)

Paper doilie make

Dilute some PVA glue with water in a separate bowl, and apply liberally to the doilie (with the paint brush – or your fingers!) before placing it over the cling film.

Paper doilie make

I added just one layer of doilies to my bowls but you can build up the layers to make the finished object stronger.

Paper doilie bowl

Smooth the doilies down with the brush, being careful not to rip them. This may mean you need to put some creases in to make it fit round the curve of the bowl.

Then leave to dry. Mine did so overnight, but if you’ve added more layers it will take a little longer.

When dry carefully lift off the doilie, using the cling film to help.

Paper doilie bowls

Paper doilie bowls

Paper doilie bowls

They look so pretty! They are very delicate so can’t hold too much in them but look great as a decorative object on a shelf. If you covered a balloon with the doilies and made a round shape they would look great as hanging decorations. Hmm…maybe something to make at the weekend?!


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