New print: Waddesdon Manor

I’ve just finished my latest print, a four colour linocut of Waddesdon Manor, a Renaissance-style chateau about 10 miles from where I live. I chose this place not only because it is local to me and I have visited the wonderful building and it’s gardens numerous times over the years, but also because our next craft event takes place in the Waddesdon Plant Centre this weekend (6 and 7 October 2012).

The print is made up of four colours, which I printed using 3 blocks of lino. I took a slightly different approach from some of my recent prints and chose to use grey and light brown for the building and it’s details rather than a block of black with the carved detail showing through as white. It produces a subtler set of colours, but I’m not sure yet what I prefer! Will have to experiment further. The print will be available on my website soon – I’ll keep you posted.
So here are some photos showing the stages of the printmaking process:

Planning the linoprint

Planning the linoprint

Carving the lino

Carving the lino

Printing colours 1 and 2

Printing colours 1 and 2

inking up colours 3 and 4

Inking up colours 3 and 4


Printing colours 3 and 4 together

Printing colours 3 and 4 together

The finished linoprint

The finished linoprint



2 responses to New print: Waddesdon Manor

  1. Harriet

    Your work in amazing !
    I’m learning to do Lino print at the moment and am looking to create works based on architecture , but I wondered how you get your cuts so straight , what do you use ?

    • thisisknockout Post Author

      Thanks Harriet! Hope you’re having fun trying out linoprinting.

      I think the secret to straight lines is practice, that said it’s quite difficult to get a perfect line and I think a little bit of imperfection makes a linoprint look better and have character! I have found that scoring around the edges of my design with a craft knife before I use my linocutting tool usually helps give a nice clean, straight edge, especially with the harder varieties of lino. Hope this helps!


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