Grandparents Day!

So Sunday 7 October is Grandparents Day in the UK. The day was established by Age Concern in 1990 to recognise the hard work and support grandparents give year round. Not too mention the fact that grandparents are generally awesome!

Here are some interesting facts about these wonderful people:

  • There are 14 million grandparents in the UK
  • Grandparents undertake childcare worth £3886 million per year
  • 4 in 5 teenagers say grandparents are the most important people outside immediate family
  • 63% of people in England over 50 are grandparents
  • Children who are regularly see their grandparents have shown to develop better emotional and social skills

Don’t forget that grandparents also have lots of fantastic stories to tell, recipes to share and great advice to give!

You can celebrate Grandparents day in all sorts of ways; a chat, a cup of tea, a hug or perhaps by giving some special little vouchers?

Grandma and Grandpa vouchers

grandma vouchersgrandpa vouchers

I have some fun little vouchers sets that may be the perfect gift. Each set, one for grandma and one for grandpa, is made up of three vouchers, each with an activity you can do together on which you grandma or grandpa can cash in whenever they wish. A great way to spend more time together. Order before 6pm on Wednesday 3 October for UK delivery before the weekend.

Take a look at my Not on the High Street shop for more vouchers.


Thanks to the following sites for their grandparent facts:


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