Drawing on the past…

Nanny's drawingsMy nan loved to draw and paint. My grandparent’s house was full of her creations hanging on the walls, the thick, heavy smell of oil paint, and stacks and stacks of drawings. My nan, along with my aunt, Grace, sat and drew as a hobby, probably most days. When me and my sister, Sam, used to go over we would draw too. Mostly images copied from magazines or books of animals or old cottages, and we too would sit there for hours immersed in our work.

Nanny's drawings
A lots of Nan’s and Aunty Grace’s drawings and paintings ended up at our house. There is a huge folder of drawings that my Nan made, when she was probably in her twenties, in a folder under my bed. She was going through a phase of coping photographs of famous people, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo and the like. I love these drawings and a few years ago decided to scan some of them and have a play, see what I could do with them. My nan always loved learning new ways of doing things so I’m sure she would have been fascinated by what you could do on a computer these days. She also loved bright colours (that’s where I get it from!) so I went as bright as I dared.


Nanny's drawings 1Nanny's drawings 2Nanny's drawings 3Nanny's drawings 4

2 responses to Drawing on the past…

  1. susy

    This drawings are just lovely and what you have done to them have make them lovelier. Am sure your Nan would have keep feed you more to color on your pc and be so proud and excited. Can I ask what program did you used?

    Thanks for sharing this.

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