Make: a photo display board

Make a super simple photo display boardReally simple and attractive way of displaying photos and other little bits and pieces you want to show off (without having to ruin them with pins!). I put this together after getting some of my holiday snaps printed and not knowing what to do with them!

Make a super simple photo display board

You will need

  • A pin board – I picked up some small cheap ones for 99p
  • Some material – I used some old pajama bottoms
  • Staple gun
  • Pins
  • String or ribbon
  • Some beautiful photos

Simply cut the material to cover the pin board and use the staple gun to secure it to the back. Make sure the material is pulled tightly as you go and make the corners tidy.

Either put your pins all the way around the edge, sticking them into the cork board, and wind string between them or staple strips of ribbon tightly across the board to enable you to slot your favourite photos, sketches, memos, gig tickets – what ever you fancy – in the gaps.

Make photo boards

Add pins to the photo board

Or staple strips of ribbon

Finsihed photo boards

Photo display board with string

Photo display board with ribbon

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