Make a mug of summer flowers

A great way to bring the summer inside! Every few months I scour the garden, pair of scissors in hand, and cut a few odd stems and flowers to make a little arrangement. My garden isn’t full with blooms so anything goes; old woody thyme, half-dead cornflower, something looking like a weed… Once you put them all together in a little vase, or in this case a mug, it looks very pretty and rustic.

Have a go! I’m no expert on the best way to cut flowers, but use a good sharp pair of scissors. It’s best to cut early in the morning or in the evening and put the cut stems into water as you go. Clean the mug or vase before you put the flowers in and remove any leaves that will sit below the water line.

When arranging the flowers have fun and experiment. I try and make the centre of the arrangement have some height and stick a few bits of each plant around the edge but there is no hard and fast rule so just go for it. The mug is a good size vessel to use as I don’t manage to get too much foliage from the garden, but jam jars, drinking glasses, and food tins work well too. You could even decorate them with ribbon or string.

These make great little centre pieces for dinner parties but don’t last very long so it’s best to make them on the day of the party.

My mug of summer flowers and the garden plants they came from:

Garden flower arragement - mug of summer flowers

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